Dock Seal Pads, Foam-Fit 40 oz Vinyl, 24 High HiVis Guide Stripes – Select Variation

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Heavy-Duty Loading Dock Seal Pads, Foam-Fit 40 oz Vinyl, 24 High HiVis Guide Stripes – Select Variation

Truck dock seal pads save you money on your energy bills while providing airtight protection to the loading dock area during materials handling operations. Dock pads act as a barrier to keep your interior environment separate from the outside elements. Vehicles at the dock compress the foam dock pads, eliminating the gap between the building and truck body.

Full-height overlapping wear pleats are optional to provide for maximum protection and a longer-lasting seal at your dock. All units are tapered to match your driveway grade.

• Durable 40 oz Vinyl cover fabric
• Polyurethane foam compresses and conforms to body irregularities
• Kiln-treated lumber backing (steel available)
• Highly visible, urethane finished yellow guide stripe
• Bonded, high-tensile and multi-cord polyester thread
• Includes rust-resistant installation brackets

Please use the following guide for selecting the right dock seal:

Door Size: To determine your door size, simply measure the door opening, first across and then height. For a door that is 96″ across and 108″ high, the format is 8X9.

Pad Projection: To determine the necessary pad projection, first measure the wall offset or building ledge (if there is one), and then measure the dock bumper projection from the wall to the face of the bumper. Combine these numbers together and add 4-6″ for compression and you have your pad projection! For example: Your building has a 6″ dock ledge and a 4.5″ thick dock bumper. 6″ + 4.5″ = 10.5″ + 6″ compression = 16.5″, which would round to the nearest projection of 16″. The compression measurement must be min 4″ max 6″.

Driveway Slope: To determine the driveway slope (grade), remember rise (height) over run (length). Start by measuring out 53′ from your dock face. At 53′, use a laser level to shoot a laser back towards the dock face. Then, drop a tape measure at the lowest driveway point within 53′ (usually at the drain, if present) and determine the height where the laser hits the tape measure. Measure the distance from the lowest point to the dock face, and subtract the result from the overall driveway length of 53′. Now you have your rise (height of lowest point) and your run (driveway length from lowest point to 53′ out). Divide these results to get your driveway grade.

For example: You measure 53′ out from your dock face. There’s a drain at 45″ from the dock wall face. Shooting a laser at the dock, you drop a tape measure at the drain (lowest point) to reveal that the driveway drops 20″ from the laser to the drain. Taking the overall length of 636″ (53′), subtract 45″ to get a 591″ length. Divide 20″/591″ which equals 0.0338. Multiply by 100, and the driveway grade is 3.38%.

If you need help addressing any issues with your loading dock, or need help to determine the best seal, please call us at 855-951-4499.

Please note, purchaser is responsible for correct dock seal sizing. Excel Solutions is not liable for any incorrectly sized dock seal. Returns are not accepted on this item. Current lead time is approximately 10 weeks upon receipt.

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